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Here you can see our recorded webinars and follow the ones you wish, however you will need to register first !

Available Webinars:

At the moment, we are pleased to provide you with the following recorded webinars:

Webinar / short course

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WEBINAR 1 – Impact investment in clean tech and sustainable startups




WEBINAR 2 – Impact investment in deep tech ICT (artificial Intelligence) Startups

Link Link jakub.marszalek@uni.lodz.pl

WEBINAR 3 – Impact investment in cultural and creative startups

Link Link mihail.lisetchi@e-uvt.ro

WEBINAR 4 – Impact investment & startup business model transformation

Link Link l.kielan@frp.lodz.pl

WEBINAR 5 – Engaging private impact investors for your startup

Link Link abel@eban.org
WEBINAR 6 – Engaging public impact investors for your startup Link Link contact@helix-connect.com

In the near future, we will be also providing you with the following webinars:

  • Webinar (short) course: How to develop high quality OERs in entrepreneurship education
  • Webinar (short) course: Engagement and motivation of entrepreneurship learners via neuroscience approaches
  • Webinar (short) course: Fostering an inclusive and personalized digital entrepreneurship education

How can you register ?

Did you know that you can get certified ?

If you followed our webinar(s) and wish to get certified on key competences, see below what ARIEES offers:

  • Micro-credential 1: EntreComp certification on teaching impact investment-infused entrepreneurship (trainers)
  • Micro-credential 2: DigCompEdu certification for digital education delivery in entrepreneurship (trainers)
  • Micro-credential 3: EBAN certificate on impact investment (trainers)
  • Micro-credential 4: EBAN certificate on impact investment (learners)

How can you get certified ? Very easily, just go to our certification centre and follow the instructions.