ISQe is a Digital Learning Experience pioneer in Portugal. It has successfully implemented hundreds of projects and trained more than 1,000,000 learners in 11 countries, since 1996.ISQe specializes in the development of interactive media resources and the provision of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Its main mission is to support companies by strengthening and updating the skills of their workforce. With creativity, innovation, and flexibility as values, combined with a strong set of internal skills in the technological, technical and pedagogical areas, the services provided by ISQe are characterized by the quality and creativity of the learning and management solutions and the development of products tailored to the needs and contexts of customers.

ISQe’s clients are the largest national organizations in the area of Banking, Insurance, Distribution, Energy, and Telecommunications. In recent years it has strongly invested in the internationalization of the company, having customers in France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Poland, Greece, Romania, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and the United States.

ISQe is accredited for training services by DGERT (the Portuguese entity responsible for the certification of training providers). Our Project Management process complies with the Internacional Standard PMBOK® PMI (Project Management Institute). ISQe also focuses on Research and Development and innovation activities (R&Di) in the education and training sector, participating in national and international projects, aiming at continuous products and process innovation.