Expected results

Result 1 – Acquiring responsible & impactful investment course – led by UOL

*Specialized CUs based on EntreComp



Result 2 – Webinars as pilots for the course (for students, startups and investors)

WEBINAR 1 – Impact investment in cleantech and sustainable startups

WEBINAR 2 – Impact investment in deep tech ICT (artificial Intelligence) Startups

WEBINAR 3 – Impact investment in cultural and creative startups

WEBINAR 4 – Impact investment & startup business model transformation

WEBINAR 5 – Engaging private impact investors for your startup

WEBINAR 6 – Engaging public impact investors for your startup



Result 3 – Train the trainers webinars with digital education pedagogical innovations

WEBINAR 1 – How to develop high-quality OERs in entrepreneurship education?

WEBINAR 2 – Engagement and motivation of entrepreneurship learners via neuroscience approaches WEBINAR 3 – Fostering an inclusive and personalized digital entrepreneurship education



Result 4 – Digital micro-credential system development (based on EntreComp/DigComp) –

Micro-credential 1: EntreComp certification on teaching impact investment-infused entrepreneurship

Micro-credential 2: DigCompEdu certification for digital education delivery

Micro-credential 3: EBAN certificate on impact investment (trainers)

Micro-credential 4: EBAN certificate on impact investment (learners)


Result 5 – Networking platform: Impact investment Hub

* Requirements analysis

* Development

* Pilot testing

* Deployment


A quality assurance methodology that can be further utilized by university lecturers to better develop digital content for entrepreneurship courses and beyond.


Project dissemination activities outputs

The ARIEES alumni network with early graduates during the lifecycle of the project

3 multiplier events that will serve as information and commitment exercises form external actors to further engage with the project outputs

A Network of 4 ARIEES Certification Centres (see the Sustainability section)