Fundacja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości (FRP) is a private, non-profit foundation. FRP provides training, consultancy and information services for the enterprises and people planning to start their own business. FRP has trained more than 40.000 people so far (among them young graduates and potential entrepreneurs/start-ups). FRP has experience in developing training programmes, content and materials. Trainings concern entrepreneurship and setting up a business, innovation and all aspects of management. From the beginning of its operation and especially since Poland accessed the EU (2004) FRP run trainings on the EU structural funds and horizontal polices, legal issues and others. Advisory services are dedicated to entrepreneurs, managers, local authority institutions, HEIs, R&D institutes. FRP has certificate of patronage issued by the ministry of regional development for conducting training on the EU structural instruments.

FRP has skills and expertise in desk research for sectoral reports and selected target groups. FRP initiates activities aimed at building knowledge-based economy and fostering entrepreneurship, internationalization, European co-operation, business innovation, sustainability and responsibility, human capital investment, EU funds for new initiatives and investments. Since the beginning FRP has been a partner and coordinator of pilot national and international projects in modern management, internationalization and export development, IP protection, digital skills, environmental services, corporate social responsibility, innovation development and many others. Since 2008 FRP has been a centre of Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) – – established by the European Commission in view to help companies grow internationally. As the EEN’s centre FRP provides consultancy and seminars/webinars regarding enhancing innovation capacities, access to finance, EU financial instruments and funding sources to finance plans for growth, finance opportunities for eco-innovation and green entrepreneurship, impact investment, preparation of business to invest.

FRP collaborates with HEIs in Lodz. As a member of Business Councils and Didactic Councils gives opinions on educational programmes, participates in initiatives stimulating entrepreneurship of university students, as EkSoc Startup! contest (patronage, mentoring, coaching). FRP has given trainings, workshops, seminars for young people developing an entrepreneurial spirit, preparing to start own business, respect sustainability, rising awareness about financial support at regional, national and European level. FRP consultants are coaches and mentors for university students and young graduates – potential start-ups – in development business plans, finding financing incl. European funds or investors.