Impact Investment Hub

Welcome to ARIEES’ impact investment hub (II-HUB) !

Why an II-HUB ? 

The needs for this platform fills the gap reported by the European Commission (2020),relating to the inexistence of an integrated network of impact investors specifically targeting Eastern Europe. ARIEES plans to change this and to build up capacity in Eastern Europe by facilitating mutual learning and match-making between impact investors and potential entrepreneurs via the II-HUB !

What does the II-HUB offer ? 

  • Enrol impact investors (public and private)
  • Enrol learners (i.e. students or adults)
  • Enrol entrepreneurs or anyone interested in receiving impact investment
  • Enrol public and private actors that require responsible business models/startups (i.e. in culture and creativity, clean-tech, deep-tech, etc).
  • Provide announcements of EBAN'(en beyond) impact investment acceleration and match-making hubs
  • Allow the launch of requests for mentoring (i.e. business model ideation to comply with impact investment)
  • Allow the launch of requests for crowdsourcing ideas (business models) that are environmentally and socially just
  • Allow free access to potential entrepreneurs to the SCENATi tool (  which can be used to asses whether a startup business model complies with environmental and social impact indicators. This can help both prospective entrepreneurs as well as impact investors to assess the viability of the debated business models.
  • Foster an acceleration simulation for business model transformation toward impact investment (i.e. a step-by step game based approach through which the prospective entrepreneur follows different stages in order to learn how to get impact investment).

Are you an investor ? 

If you are an investor and are interested in any of the above-mentioned services, send us an email ( and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Are you a startup/company/potential entrepreneur ? 

If yes, then fill in our pre-investment/acceleration form and we will get in touch with you shortly.